"The best camera is the one you have with you"

These are photos taken with my iPhone, with minimal processing.

the old capitol cinema

I view them in the same light as the photos I used to take with my Holga in '98 and '99: they are lo-res snapshots that capture a slice of life as I see it, walking around the city.

handbag spectrum

"The best camera is the one you have with you": I read this many years ago somewhere on the net (and now there's a book dedicated to it, as well as other articles), and it rings more and more true as each year goes by.

Statues on Orchard Road

I have many good cameras, but I often only have my iPhone with me: in a way, this is not so much trying to work around a limitation, as a return to the basics. Once resolution, sharpness and focus are out of your control (as they are with cheaper cameras) then composition is the only thing you can determine. Tone can be adjusted slightly afterwards, but shooting with the iPhone makes me concentrate on composition. I regard these photos as practice, as well as a record of life.

May the best hand win


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