Iffy Anklebiter, Slayer of Toes

We have two cats in the house currently. The first is Patch (whose story I'll tell at a later date - here's a photo in the meantime), but the second is Iffy -

- who I shall dub "Iffy Anklebiter, Slayer of Toes". We found her very sick huddled by the side of the road one week ago. When we stopped the car to check on her, we saw that her eyes were gummed shut with dried mucus. The vet confirmed later that she was suffering from a case of cat flu, and the eyes were probably a result of conjunctivitis. K and I took her in to help her get better, and about 4 days later, with daily medicine and care, she made a turnaround, and got better.

Much better. Hence the anklebiting and toe-slaying. For this little kitten is a feisty little furball of ankle-level mass-destruction, a one-kitten whirlwind of chewed toes, pounced-upon-feet, and scratched ankles. And we wouldn't have it any other way, because it is a joy to see her up and on the bounce, eyes bright and open. It's nice to know that we saved her from a certain and terrible death by disease, or most probably by being run over by the next car that came by.


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