It's been a week

Habitually posting when tired, and in the wee hours of the morning, must surely make for tired-sounding posts

(can you hear the weariness yet?)

Here at last at the dreg-end of a long week at work. I had to rush home today to let in the water-heater repairman AND the TV repairman in (for some reason, they both chose to call at the same time) (oh, and the gremlins have been afoot as well: in this last month, the appliance casualty count in my house has been: two TVs, one DVD player, one water heater, one iBook, and one iMac. whimper. my trusty old Sage friend, for whom it was never easy being green. sigh). My wife had to rush to get the kitten to the vet before they closed (no emergency - just her first, vital, immunisation). Then we all, plus mom, had to drive down to my uncle's for the wake (my aunt passed away this week. very sad. she was always very kind to me).

Oh wait. One more to add to the appliance casualty list, though it's much more than an appliance, and it's not really the appliance that failed. Sometime during lunchtime today, my iPod "lost" all its songs. And I mean lost: the files are still on the hard drive, but it seems the iPod doesn't recognise them anymore. Not sure how it happened - sneaking suspicion someone played with it. "ooh pretty iPod, let's touch it" etc etc. Grrr. Had to endure the commute home without the buffer of my iPod.

And so we come at last to the reason why I'm awake and bloggin when I should be asleep like a loggin. (damn. I should never blog tired ... can't resist innate corniness when defences are down): I am backing up every single MP3 file on my iPod onto CDs. I'm at No. 8 now, and I estimate a maximum of 16 might be needed. (speaks quite well of the efficiency of MP3s: that's my entire audio CD collection, last estimated at 500+ CDs, in 16 discs). Thank god my LaCie is built like a brick and runs like a sports car engine - the fella burns CDs lightning fast.

gawd, hope i can finish before dawn.


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