I've been having such a wonderful time doing nothing over this Chinese New Year that I didn't even realise someone had left a comment on my blog, until K pointed it out to me. So here's an update on what has happened over the past few weeks.

Busy as heck. The less said the better.

Iffy has shrugged off all traces of illness and malnutrition - she's such a spritely kitten that I can barely imagine what she looked like when we first found her (or perhaps I should say, when she found us - as all of our cats have). I should have taken a photograph of her when we first picked her up, but it didn't feel right to photograph such a sad-looking creature - and there was the fear that she would not survive, and I'd be haunted by an image of her. Thankfully, she has survived, and even more luckily for us, gets along perfectly with Patch. Or rather, Patch tolerates the little toe-biting furball. Here's a picture of the both of them. As you can see, they're both on the bed. Our bed. Which for some reason they prefer to their own beds. It's cute and everything to have a cat snuggle up to you at bedtime, but it's not so cute when it's a feisty kitten with sharp claws who gravitates towards warm spots on the body. I've gone to bed with Iffy lying across my throat before (a tricky situation - you don't really want to move when she's likely to panic and grab on with her claws) and woken up with her in my armpit. Thank god she doesn't crawl under the blanket for other warm spots on the body. She purrs like a Harley - I kid you not, it's this amazing rumbling, rattling, Harley Davidson revving sound. Especially when she's sticking her snout into your ear at 1 am in the morning.

This has gone almost completely on hold, what with T off in Vietnam, and Chinese New Year enforcing a break on my wargaming. I've started to painted up all my spare lead, so you can see a few pics of what I've been working on these few days. (This link goes to the Napnuts Gallery - mine is the one called Wahj's Gallery). I've been painting the 15mm Spartans from Xyston that I bought half a year ago. I'm rather happy with these, as I've never spent quite so much effort on 15mms before. Most of the time, I've operated on the principle that in 15mm you don't so much paint in the detail, as suggest the detail. My entire Polybian Roman army was painted on that principle, which is why I managed to paint the whole lot in 3 days. This time, I'm going to a fair bit of trouble. Skin, for example, which I used to paint in one colour, I've painted in 3 successive layers - dark brown over the black undercoat, light sand over the brown, and a final highlight of medium flesh tone. Will anyone see it? Probably not. Will it matter to how the figures game? hmmm ... maybe. I've always been a rather irrational and intuitive gamer, and everyone knows better painted figures do better in battle ... right? = ) Anyway, i've got a whole series of projects lined up after this, starting with the sailors for the Victorian Sci-Fi game, then the Warriors of Minas Tirith and Orcs from the LoTR set, then probably moving on to all the rest of my 15mms - the Carthaginians, Spanish, and Gauls.

Right, it's off to find some breakfast then.


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