Can Star Wars: Episode III be Saved?

Came across this article Can Episode III Be Saved?. Sadly, after having eagerly anticipated both Episode I and Episode II, I find myself awaiting Episode III with trepidation and anxiety. Lucas could really, really, ruin it all, right here. Everything. Demolish an entire wing of the mental edifice that is my childhood. If Episode III screws up like Episode II, I might have to forswear all the prequels and immerse myself in repeated viewings of the original trilogy (with the occasional dispensation allotted for the Duel of the Fates).

After two disappointing movies, we can only pray that Lucas somehow redeems everything with Episode III. Somehow. I have no idea how he's going to pull this one off, but one suggestion might be to switch off the targeting computer, close his eyes, and use the Force like Obi Wan's disembodied voice is telling to do. Oh, and should he feel the temptation to rely on special effects and CGI to make up for poor scripting and directing, someone should remind him not to be too proud of this technological terror he's created ...


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