More thoughts on the Mac

Came across this site, the Fishbowl, with a perfect (if slightly disturbing) metaphor for the feelings we have for Windows, Mac and Linux. Here's is the comparison between Windows and Mac. An excerpt:

Microsoft, ladies and gentlemen, is a cheap whore. She lives on the fringes of the law, but there’s no getting rid of her because she fulfils a certain need in our society. People want what she is selling.

There’s a certain painted-on mystique to her, of course. We’ve all been indoctrinated with the propaganda, the hooker with the heart of gold, the disturbingly wide-mouthed Pretty Woman. When you find her, though, beneath the paint she’s really quite plain. You take what you need from her, but reluctantly and because you have no alternative. You get what you want, but she is almost peripheral to the act.

Apple is a lover."

Extending the metaphor further, here's Linux, the psychotic ex-girlfriend:

Linux (on the desktop, at least) is the psychotic girlfriend.

She seems exciting at first and you pour an enormous amount of energy into the relationship, but she keeps demanding more and more, and she never gets any more predictable. You’ll find yourself awake at 4am arguing with her about where you left the toilet seat."


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