ThirtyOne Pounces

Having just turned 31, here's some summary statistics to muse over:

I have spent 16 out of those 31 years as a student(not counting kindergarten). That's 51% of my life.

Adding the 4.5 years I spent teaching, that's 66%, or two thirds of my life spent in schools of one sort or another.

Ratio of time spent teaching to time spent learning: 2 to 7.

2.5 years
were spent in the army. Of those years, 3 months were in Basic Military Training, 10 months were in Officer Cadet School, and a further 2-3 months in the Company Tactics Course and Advanced Infantry Officer's Course. That makes another 1 year plus spent as a "learner" overall, and it means roughly half my time as a full time servicemen was spent learning, the other half in an active unit. Ratio of learning to doing: 1 to 1.

I have spent 7 years as a reservist, with training every year. Without my little green book here with me, my best bet is that I have spent 70-90 days in total over these 7 years in reservist training, or about 11 days a year. Percentage of time each year I have to exercise the skills learned in the 1 year of training: 3%.

Of these 31 years of life, only the last 7 have seen me earn a real income, rather than being a dependent, as I was for 24 out of 31 (or 77%) of my life. (although to be fair, the three years in university on scholarship were fairly financially independent, so make that 32% of my life financially independent, 68% as a financial burden).



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