Angkor Wat

A quick update from Cambodia.

The ruins at Angkor Wat are just absolutely amazing. It's hard to describe them in general, because they really are a collection of quite diverse sites - Angkor Wat impresses with its size and grandeur, the Bayon (my favourite so far) is a maze of smiling stone faces that confront and mystify you at every turn, Ta Prohm is an utterly romantic ruin (ruined by the hordes of Japanese tourists we had to share it with) ... the list goes on. I shot so many photos on the first day, I thought I didn't, couldn't shoot any more on the second. I told Kris that I wouldn't take any photographs at Pre Rup ... then we stepped into the temple compound, and two seconds later, out came my camera.

It's that kind of place, where you don't know whether to take photographs, or just put down your camera and enjoy the feel. I snapped like crazy in the first 10 minutes at the Bayon, then had to stop because I just wanted to see the place ... then started again because there was just so much to shoot!

I'll post in more detail when I get back home - I've been keeping a journal, and will transcribe and postdate the entries when I get back - that is, if I have time: I'm at 12 rolls of film shot already in just 3 days, and I'll need to develop them when I get back. (note to self: whatever estimates of film requirements for the next trip here, just double them)


Terz said…
Well, thank Odin for digital cameras then. So, what do you think? I should buy myself a 2 GB CF Card for our trip at the end of this year?
wahj said…
Once you start shooting, you won't stop. I heartily recommend the 2 GB card. A word of caution though: it's the low season now, and most sites are rather empty, but even so, some of the most popular (and photogenic) ones are already infested with coachloads of tourists. I could barely get a clean shot off at Ta Prom, for example, and that's one of the most scenic sites. When we come in December, that's the peak season. I'm already thinking we'll have to do things like wake up (or leave) at 5 am to get to the sites before the retirees, families with disinterested teenagers in tow, and group-photo groupies.
Terz said…
Hmm, maybe I should have bought the Hitachi 2 GB card from Lincoln City then. They were selling it for USD249 (no tax because we were in the excellent state of Oregon).

At the same shop: the Canon L 100-400 mm IS USM lens for USD1699 (with additional USD100 mail-in rebate). Again, no tax. Drool.

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