Day 1

As promised, I'm starting to transcribe the journals kept of the trip to Cambodia.

Day 1
10th June 2004
We had an uneventful, and suprisingly short flight (something to to be said for travelling to nearby countries), followed by an agonisingly long wait at the airport for visa application. K was the very last to get a visa, and we were half expecting that the driver sent to pick us up would have left, having had to wait almost an hour. Thankfully, he was still there, holding a sign with our ames on it, and that was our introduction to Mr Sang Kim Leng, who would drive us to every major temple in the Angkor area in his trusty tuk-tuk (or moto, since tuk-tuk is a Thai term).

Initial impressions of Cambodia were of space - physical and temporal, a sense of a slower pace of life and more time in between things and events. Not an unusual reaction coming from Singapore - I haven't been to many countries where I felt more harried than the one I came from. I caught sight of the Western Baray on the descent, an exciting moment.

We slept the whole afternoon, recovering from the all night packing, and arranged at dinner to go to Angkor Wat the next morning.


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