Listening to the commentary on the Parade on Channel i, I heard the following gem

"The flaming torches they're carrying symbolise fire and colour"

How incredibly insightful. And I suppose the shoes they're wearing symbolise footwear - and the clothes they're wearing symbolise garments - and the ... oh never mind. Not worth the effort to generate the necessary sarcasm.

Cat update: the kitty litter was changed yesterday, two days ahead of schedule. Why? Because the cats had started ripping up the latest bag of kitty litter. I was speaking partly in jest earlier, but I think positive reinforcement (unintentional as it was) has taught them that if they want their litter changed, ripping open a bag will motivate their humans to do it. Now, if I could only teach them to change their litter themselves ...


Terz said…
You were watching?

So, did you see the guy who almost dropped the SAFTI-MI colours? That's someone who's not coming out of camp for the rest of the year.

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