What does my banner say?

Following the wife's observations about the banners in blogspot, I took a look at my most recent ones.

Find Litter Box
Reliable suppliers - Contact Now!


Eliminate Urine Odors
With OdorXit Concentrate. It Really Works

Interesting. The last post directly relevant to this would have been this, but despite subsequent posts about tanks, anime, parades etc, my banners are still stuck on Urine and Kitty Litter. Hmmm.

(a thought just occurred to me: this post isn't going to help, is it? I can just imagine some AI programme or bot nodding sagely as it crunches the words in this post, going "Yes, yes, he's definitely talking about urine again. Right: more of the same banners then". K's already tried loading a post with words to see if they affect the banner. It did)


Terz said…
The banner ads tend to take a while before they refresh. I was talking about the NY YANKEES stuffing the Boston Red Sox in one game and the banner ad had free advertising for the Red Sox instead.

Naturally, not pleased.

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