Black cat at Boat Quay

black cat at boat quay, originally uploaded by Wahj.

It's the kind of day where I want to be somewhere else. The kind of grey, quiet, gloomy, peaceful afternoon where one should ideally be either (a) in bed or (b) out walking and taking photographs. Neither will happen, since I have as much work on my table as I lack the motivation to do it, so it'll be a longish Friday afternoon.

This photo was taken on the same kind of day, so a look at the background will give you an idea of the weather and mood as I'm writing this. The black cat is real: the others are all part of a sculpture that can be found on one end of Cavenagh Bridge. This particular black cat can often be found posing next to his inanimate kin: perhaps he feels some kind of affinity to them, or perhaps he's aware of how photogenic he looks to tourists! One thing though: this photo was taken some time ago, and with the way they've been culling cats, there's no guarantee that he's still alive. I haven't been back there for a while, and I'm almost afraid to look, for fear that he won't be there anymore.

The camera is an old Ensign Selfix* that Ron found for me (from, of all places, Iran), and I must say it has the most wonderful bokeh (explained here). I don't use it as often as I should, but I'm going so much into digital now that I hardly ever use my film cameras anymore ...

* couldn't find a link to an accurate photo: the camera I have is very similar to the model in the photo, but it's the Selfix 16-20 with a proper viewfinder, rather than the fold-up ones.


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