Friday roundup

Returned to the primary school today to administer test to students, - sorry, pupils - who were absent on Tuesday (see previous post), and had a much better time of it - smaller group, and these were sick on Tues, so they must've been recovering, and hence less ebullient, energetic, and everywhere.

In other news, the replacement wedding ring has been engraved, collected, and is on my finger, so I can fondle it gloatingly and whisper "preciousssss" in my best Andy Sirkus voice. This one's one size smaller than its predecessor, so it should stay on snugly until my knuckles swell in arthritic agony and I can no longer wear it.

For those with an interest in painting and collecting miniatures, I've recently put up some photos of my Trojan War 28mm figures on my other blog. This is my first attempt at large scale painting of 28mm figures (I normally do 15mms:cheaper, easier, faster - smaller, yes, but what's not to like?) and I'm finding quite it an expensive proposition. My dream of a 2000 point Warhammer Ancient Battles Mycenean/Trojan War army has already been downsized to a 1000-pointer given how much these things cost.


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