The Joy of Durians

Met up with my army buddies for a durian feast tonight. Drove down to Geylang, bought a bunch of durians, and went down to the beach. Just like the old days (the old days being 7 years old by now) when we used to do the same thing. It was great just hanging out with the guys, and reminiscing about the good old days, and it was scary to think that we're old enough to start reminiscing about good old days, but it was great just because it was durians and the beach, and sitting on the grass and eating with our hands and fingers.

Durians being what they are, of course, later on in the car (my dear wife having come to pick me up, with Tym and Terse in tow)(what alliteration!) a single burp from me brought an instant reaction from the ladies, and the immediate winding down of windows, which was strangely satisfying to me in a naughty sort of way. = )

Monday may have been shitty, but the durians more than made up for it in the end. I go to bed a with a contented tummy, having fulfilled my yearly durian quota, and looking forward fondly to next year's binge.


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