phillips street temple, originally uploaded by Wahj.

My blog post titles are becoming more literal and blandly descriptive. My cough/sore throat/flu transmorgrified itself into a monstrous migraine yesterday, that pulsed horribly with each cough, and kept me in pain throughout. I went in to work today, despite still being on MC, and I had to leave after lunch to see the doctor's. My main worry was dengue, but the doctor just gave me some painkillers. I suppose they'll have to do for the moment.

All of which has nothing to do with the photo, and vice versa, but there it is. Or there they both are. Or something.


Tym said…
I would have to say that your photo least resembles what I imagine a migraine to look like. Hope you feel better soon!
NARDAC said…
agree with tym.
and have to say your mop photo ain't too shabby either.

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