mop, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Since Flickr seems to be meeting my photo needs better than Fotolog, I've begun to transfer most of my photos from one to the other, though I'll still keep my Fotolog active.

Here's one photo that I previously posted on my Fotolog. This was taken on a photo-trip in Chinatown, where each of us chose a colour theme to shoot by. Mine was blue, and though this photo isn't the best example of it, I liked it because of the way the cracks in the wall resemble forks of lightning, and the funny abstract look the clothes line and the mop take on in this photo.

More of my previously flogged photos will appear in the next few days.


Terz said…
You do know there's a 10MB limit right?
wahj said…
Not even coming close to the monthly limit.

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