Sick at home

It started on Friday. I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and choking, fluid in my lungs. Saturday morning I was coughing, and my throat was sore and inflamed. By Saturday afternoon I had a fever. Sunday morning I felt terrible, and last night, I finally went to see a doctor.

The funny thing was that I found out I knew the doctor at the 24-hour clinic - an old friend from Delta company back in my OCS days, way back in '92. He was standing in for the regular doctor (who obviously has to find someone to stand in, especially on weekends, when he's running a 24-hr clinic) and I spent about 15 minutes just talking to him, never mind the consultation.

The upshot is I got some antibiotics, some cough syrup, and two days MC (though I'll probably go back to work tomorrow: can't let the work pile up too much, and I'm starting to feel better already).

I suspect this throat infection has something to do with the haze that's in the air. It was so bad last night that it looked like fog - visibility was easily down to 150-200m at night, and the air smelled of burning. The other possible culprit would be the kids I invigilated on Friday - since most of them were recovering from illnesses, it's likely I caught it from one of them. Most probable is that both these two contributed - the poor air quality probably weakened or inflamed my lungs, and the kids were the source of whatever virus or germ that started this illness.

I'm gonna spend the rest of today either in bed, reading Robin Lane Fox's Alexander, (mine's the "movie tie-in" version, with Colin Farell on the cover. retch, but it was the only version available at the time) or painting some more figures. Keep the windows shut and the bad air out, and I should be ok by tomorrow morning.


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