Sky Captain

K and I managed to watch Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow last night - our first movie for a long time. Suprisingly good - I think Sky Captain is an example of a movie that works in its own seif contained way. Within it's own universe (and it goes a long way to re-creating the look and feel of a post war black and white movie) it looks and feels like a perfectly good movie. Good clean fun as well - something between a comic book and an old movie.

A few things disturb this well-crafted verisimilitude though - the camera flash in the Nepalese mine is distinctly out of place, and I have to get a closer look at the tactical markings on the P40 - I don't think they actually read "polly" reflected in water - upside-down maybe, but not reflected. Other than that, tremendously enjoyable. Of course, the first thing that came to mind walking out of the cinema was that somewhere in the world, someone is making 1/72 scale models of the robots and airplanes from that movie. The second thought? - "It must be mine!" = )


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