Stop the bandwagon, I want to get on!

You know BK, the bandwagon must be getting crowded by now. = )

Powerful. Intimidating. Trivia Nazi. President Bartlet is all of these and more. A super-nerd who's into chess, National Parks, and rambling off things in Latin, POTUS is the 'real thing.' Not being completely upfront with the American people may cause him re-election headaches, though...

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::

Interestingly, one change of answer - Yo Yo Ma instead of Bruce Springsteen - gives me this:

Known as the only one who can control Josh Lyman, she answers to his every bellow. She has a thing for Yo-Yo Ma, philately, and Josh... but won't act on it. Although hired on the Bartlet Campaign by pure luck, Donnatella has now proven herself to be a valuable asset.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::


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