Two views of Saint Andrew's Cathedral

infra red007
Originally uploaded by Wahj.

I took these photographs a few years ago, my first experiment with infra-red film. I didn't even have a proper filter then - just a piece of red cellophane I'd stuck onto a cardboard frame, and held in front of the lens with one hand while shooting with the other.

Originally uploaded by Wahj.

As always, infra-red film lends something special to even the most ordinary of objects - the cathedral seems to glow, and the tree stump has a strange edge to it, something about the way the contrast works.

Both these were taken with my Voigtlander and its trusty 15mm Heliar lens - one of the film cameras I mentioned in an earlier post. For some time I thought about buying this camera, which would effectively allow me to use my existing lenses (3 very fine ones - the 15mm Heliar, the 75mm Skopar, and the 50mm Heliar) on a digital camera, but the price is completely out of my range. We're seriously eyeing the Nikon D70 though ...


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