12,827 km from Singapore to Vancouver. 675 km from Vancouver to Calgary. The first place we get directed to when we ask the hotel reception for a nearby grocer where we can buy food? A Chinese supermarket.

After that, we go out for dinner with one of the kids family friends, and we get taken to ... yep: a Chinese restaurant (the Indian one was closed), where in the midst of our all-you-can-eat buffet, a Muslim wedding dinner is taking place. Blame globalisation, but this is the wierdest, most multicultural moment in this trip.

Calgary is cold. Calgary is covered in snow. Calgary at night looks like a place shut down by layers of ice and muffled by a blanket of cold. Calgary makes me want to stay in my hotel room. Our fellow hotel guests seem unready to receive us: an archetypal grumpy old man next door has already complained about the noise. All I can say is that he doesn't know what he's in for - in 3 days, 35 teams of debaters will swamp this hotel with an unceasing chatter of noise.

The nearest cache to here is Dear Molly Deer, so if I wanted to cache, I'd have to walk about 2km to reach it. Unless the weather breaks soon, I seriously doubt I'm going caching here ...


Geo-caching sounds like a fascinating sport!
wahj said…
yep, geocaching is fun - except in winter! = )

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