Cat on the roof

My dinner companions must have thought me mad when I dropped my chopsticks and pointed dramatically mid-dinner and went "Oh my God!!!" at this cat on the roof of the building across the road. It's just that it was such a Discovery Channel moment, you see - this animal silhouetted against the sky, perched dramatically on a precipice. Well, I thought so anyway.

Last night's dinner was tim sum with Ru, with us lucky enough to get parking right next to the place, so she didn't have to walk too far in her crutches.

Tim Sum Sauces

Dinner was followed by poker. Since we played winner deals, and dealer decides the game, we had a pretty wide range of games - 5 card, 7 card, our own take on texas hold'em, etc. I couldn't resist taking this photograph halfway through the game.

quit tomorrow


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