Random Scenes from Calgary

(1) Geese. Flying in the sky. In gigantic vee-formations. Honking. Everyday at 4-5. I think they're beautiful. However, conversation about said geese with a food-centric person:

"hey, I saw geese"

"were their thighs big?"

He also worships at the temple of Krispy Kreme, to which some have already been converted.
pilgramage to krispy kreme

(2) Organisers. Of the debate competition. Are not. Organised.

(3) Air Canada. Lost luggage, one of my debaters. Still have not found it. Morons, comma, bloody.

handful of canadian snow
(4) Snow. Slowly melting away. Temperature rising. Thank god it's getting warmer.


Tym said…
For all that you guys grumble about the snow, can I just say that I really miss winter!!!


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