Seagull, British Columbia

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We've finally managed to get internet access, so here's some quick thoughts from Canada. Quick because it's 1.30am, and I've got an early day tomorrow.

1. It's cold, but not as cold as we expected.

2. As of today, we've spent as much time on the road (in the air, on a ferry) as we have stationary, having spent 20 hours on planes, and 6 hours on ferries to and from Vancouver and Victoria.

3. I have decied that Economy Class on a 747 should be called Cattle Class, because that's what it felt like. 777s far more humane. Economy Class in general is like 8 hours in a sardine can with the same sardines, plus you have to share a toilet with said sardines.

I've decided I quite like the ferry to and from Vancouver to Victoria - nice views of the islands and inlets, and seagulls that chase the ferry like dolphins riding the bow-wave. No dolphins though.


Tym said…
If I'm not wrong, sometimes there are whales too :)
Cattle Class also known as flying zoo class. Because of all the animals you meet and the general mayhem you get confined with.

Long distance commercial air travel for me is unbearable without pharmaceutical melatonin. But the body pays for it dearly in the following days.

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