Bukit Chandu

Lone Tree 3, originally uploaded by Wahj.

K took me to Bukit Chandu on Good Friday, a photo location that she discovered last week. I'm glad she showed it to me - it's a fantastic place, quiet and beautiful. It wasn'y exactly deserted on Friday, but I'm hoping it was a holiday crowd. This photo is one of many I took on Friday, which I'll be posting over the next few days.

Bukit Chandu has:

- a park there with shaded paths under over-arching trees that kept me repeating "the woods are lovely dark and deep" in my head as we walked through them.

- a treetop walkway that takes you out from the top of the hill, over the side, and into the canopy top - great to walk among the tree tops instead of always craning your neck to look up at them - and it's a very sturdy walkway (not one of those suspension bridge types, which un-nerve me with their swaying).

- a little museum there at well, at one end of the walkway, with a nice bit of history and quaint souveniers.

Three out of three - what's not to like about the place? And, as an added bonus, we found a geocache there, "The Ridge": while we weren't first to find it, we're close, and it was a lovely cache, brand new, dry, clean, and full of goodies (we took a little plastic compass, and left a toy keychain).


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