Laws of Cat Behaviour 2

There's no easy way to say this: one of the cats wee'd on the blanket last night. I'm not naming names, but suspicion falls on Twinkle, who is (a) on heat and acting strangely, and (b) was asleep on the blanket the last I looked.

I woke up in the middle of the night with one of the cats scratching away at the blanket. Given that my body was directly under the portion being scratched, I was being pummelled by two cat fists in alternation, and my first reaction was naturally to ask the cat what the hell it thought it was doing. (Yes, we ask questions of our cats all the time, even though we know that even if they spoke, they probably wouldn't deign to answer). K, being much more savvy about cats than me, interpreted the action as the cat trying to bury the urine, as they normally do with kitty litter, and a tentative sniff of the affected spot confirmed that it was, indeed, cat pee.

There was nothing to do but try and fold the blanket with the affected spot away, and try to fall asleep again. Twinkle got accusing looks from me this morning, but all I really want is for her to finally come off heat, for crying out loud. If there were a cat version of the Pill, I'd be forcing Twinkle on it.

On a side note, one of my colleagues suggested that the solution to the problem of Twinkle being on heat was to let her out for a few days, to which I responded that letting her out so she could get knocked up by the neighbourhood tomcat wasn't really an acceptable solution.


Anonymous said…
lol u know the u just need to face it - ANGELA
Terz said…
Simple solution indeed. *snip*

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