Monday blahs

My flickr uploads are maxed out for the month, so no photos until April.

In the meantime, here's something for the photographers out there to try:
  • take a photo of the scene behind your computer
  • load it as your desktop image
  • align computer and tweak the photograph until it looks like your screen is transparent

There's a large flickr gallery of photos like that, some brilliantly executed. Top prize in my book must go to this one, as much for getting the cat to sit still for 3 seconds, as for the conception and composition. I haven't tried this myself yet, but it looks like a real challenge.

Another cool link: song lyrics rendered in outline form. Like this one. Hard to describe, but the mismatch (or shall we say cognitive dissonance?) is quite amusing.


Lichanos said…
I recently saw a 'clown' performance ("All Wore Bowlers") in NYC that used this same trick as part of the show. It begain with a B&W film showing on a small screen, center stage. The two clowns wonder down a countyr road, looking sort of like Charlie Chaplin. The clowns are hidden behind the screen. As the film figures move to the edge of the screen, the clowns emerge from behind the screen. Their timing is so precise that it looks as if the characters are jumping off the screen onto the stage, and then back and forth again through many cleve routines.

Brilliant piece of comedy!

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