Morbid thoughts

Coming back from lunch today, I suddenly wondered what would happen if I dropped dead on the spot, what would they find on my body, and what would they make of it.

They would've found:
  • an iPod, playing High and Dry by Radiohead
  • a copy of The Horse and His Boy, from the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, between the pages of which they would find
  • three of those free promotional postcards - one advertising The War of the Worlds, the second advertising Discovery Channel's Alien Planet, and the last proudly proclaiming "Real Snow!" at Snow City
  • a Hasegawa Jadgpanzer IV (Late Version) 1/72 scale kit
  • a wallet with about 6 dollars
And that would've been it. Morbid thoughts to be having at lunchtime, aren't they? Still, there's nothing like work to make you think morbid thoughts. Douglas Adams wrote of the long, dark tea-time of the soul, but mine starts at lunch today. this probably has something to do with K and I watching the whole first season of Dead Like Me, (on DVD, which Packrat kindly lent us) over the weekend as well.

About the only bright spark recently is the completion of two more tanks, which I can't show you because I've gone and exceeded my flickr upload limit, but which I will blog about as soon as the calendar flips over to the next month.


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