t-shirts and wallets

Ondine asked last night for the link to where we got the illustrated wallets, so here it is. Poketo does a nice range of t-shirts as well, but it's their wallets that are really cool. I ordered from them some time back (no problems with delivery). K got a nice one with cats and a ball of wool by susie gharimani, and I got a lovely wallet (which I haven't had the heart to use, ironically) with an illustration by brendan monroe.

I've been reading preshrunk for some time now, and I keep seeing these cool t-shirts which I want to buy, but which I know I won't need, since my typical day doesn't involve t-shirts - it's shirts for work, then home, where the shirts come off. When I do go out, on weekends and such, I usually wear one of the lightweight hiking/outdoorshirts I bought, which do a much better job of soaking up sweat and letting the skin breathe than a cotton tee.

But still, there are some really cool t-shirt designs out there. Which reminds me: here's a site that ampulets might be interested in: Threadless runs an ongoing t-shirt design competition, where entries are rated by readers, and the highest scoring designs get printed. Looking at some of the designs out there, I think ampulets could probably give them a run for their money ...


ampulets said…
Thanks for all those links - have never come across any of them before. Can completely empathise with the t-shirt urge. You can check out Sidewalk10 at Far East, which stocks tshirts from graniph.com - relatively inexpensive for the quality.

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