Seletar Base 2: IR experiments

My wife and I spent Hari Raya afternoon exploring Seletar Base a bit more.

I'm glad we "re-discovered" this quiet spot in Singapore. I've always liked parks and gardens - the one place we always went to every single school holiday was the Botanic Gardens (blogged here). The other was the old MPH bookstore on Stamford Road: this accounts for the fact that I like trees, and I read a lot. (Sadly, the Stamford Road MPH has fallen on bad times, but more of that in another post)

This time round, K used the Sony to shoot some beautiful IR shots (see her post here), while I stuck mostly with the D70 and "real" colour. I've been using the Sony all this while, but have been trying to figure out how to use the D70 for infrared recently, but so far the process has been frustrating. The exposure times are long enough to warrant a tripod (whcih I don't have) and the colour tone is just not as beautiful/ethereal as the Sony's.

Compare this shot, which is the best I got out of shooting IR on the D70:

Gold, Green and White

with this one to see what I mean by tone.

Tree and sky

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