Seletar Base 4: Parting shots

The last set of photographs from our Hari Raya jaunt around Seletar Base.

Church of the Epiphany
The Church of the Epiphany lies just outside the gates of the base. The sunlight was just beginning to catch the barbed wire fence when I took this photograph. The fence though, is the Church's, not the base's.

Hampstead Gardens
I posted earlier about how the street names in Seletar are all anachronistically English. This roadsign declaring "Hampstead Gardens" is about the least Hampstead-Gardens-like thing one could imagine, rusting away next to an ad hoc garbage dump.

sunset grill
Dinner was at Sunset Grill again, where we enjoyed a view of the runway and the sunset. The restaurant has become much more crowded than when we first came across it, but still retains much of the laid-back charm that so attracted us to it. The waiters are a bit more efficient (which means they're slightly more brusque - but it's understandable given the crowd) and a reservation is now usually needed beyond 6pm to ensure a table. The sunsets are still the same.

old lamp-post
This lamp-post seemed to sum up Seletar base - the slightly antiquated, almost Victorian look of the lamp-post, the barbed-wire in the background a reminder of the base's military past.

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