16 most interesting (according to flickr anyway)

According to flickr, these are the 16 most "interesting" of my photographs (the whole concept of "interesting" according to flickr is one that's heavily criticized in many quarters, but I won't go into that here).

1. tree-IR-composite-D70, 2. "rats! rats! help!", 3. Dark Clouds, 4. prata breakfast, 5. dark woods, 6. Lone Tree 3, 7. Twinkle Desktop 3, 8. Vitruvian Cat, 9. Black Kitten, 10. black cat at boat quay, 11. the office, 2, 12. New Kitten 1, 13. Walking skyscraper, 14. Incense, Angkor Wat, 15. Ta Prohm, 16. Pinhole shot of Ta Prohm

The picture above, and the list, were generated by flickr toys.



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