More photos from a hot day in the Botanic Gardens

When I think back on this photo jaunt from two weeks ago, the one thing that I remember is how hot the day was. That's probably why when it came time to process the images in GIMP, I tweaked so many of these photos with a bright, overexposed, sun-on-your-retina look.

Turtle, ripple, cloud

This turtle clearly had a good thing going - he could sink down into the cool depths of the pond any time the heat became too much.

The path

There were cool shaded paths to follow, and places to hide from the sun, but when you stepped out from the shade into the light, it was like the sunlight was burning you up from the outside in.

coconut trees

This last shot sums up the feeling of heat for me: the sunlight seems to be burning through the cocount leaves and the edge of the cloud, and the whole scene seems to be bleeding into over-exposure.



'twas only a week ago... and yah, i got a bit tanned from it.
tscd said…
I like the last one. It has that '3 o'clock in the afternoon' feeling.

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