Pre-emptive homesickness

I've been informed that the weather in the UK is currently miserable (thanks tscd!).

That only adds to the rather unexcited feeling I have towards this trip. In the first place, I don't really travel well. I got over the excitement of foreign lands a long time ago (besides, I spent 3 years in Birmingham, so the UK isn't all that foreign), and since marriage have been a completely homebody. I love the comforts of domesticity and the familiarity of home, and don't really have any inclination to wander or meander. Add to that the fact that I've barely just returned from two weeks in the army, and haven't quite had the time to soak up the warmth of home, and you get someone who's pre-emptively homesick, even for a relatively short journey. As for the abovementioned weather ... well, this is England, so one can only throw up one's hands in resignation. I'll pack an umbrella. I mean, a brolly.

The bright side? Two of my old friends from my last workplace are also going to be there, so I'll have some company. "There", of course, is this. Conference aside, it looks as if I might have some good opportunities to practice my photography ... if I have time, which I suspect I won't till the conference ends and I move down to London, where due to a lack of flights, I will I have to wait one day more. The plan is to bunk over with tkd for the night, and buy bovril for ru. =)

(It's a measure of how dependent on the Internet I've become that, in reading the details of the conference, I glossed over every sentence in the description of the accomodation looking for the one that said "internet connection")


Ondine said…
Don't forget you can get yourself reacquainted with Krispy Kremes although i admit that it's not as fun when there isn't Yixun around waxing lyrical about it. =)
i understand about the homesickness. but have fun - maybe you can even pick up some miniatures in London!

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