Monk in the City

Monk on the bridge of flowers

While it's not that rare to see buddhist monks around these parts, it is quite rare to see them with a fancy kungfu-movie style conical straw hat, and the contrast with the gaudy loud painting on the bridge was too much to resist. Sort of like some modern day Caine in "Kung Fu".

I literally jumped from my table where I was having lunch with a friend and chased after him for this shot.



tscd said…
Aiyoh. Who decorated that bridge?!
they used the same bridge for a fisherman's friend ad.
ampulets said…
tscd - it was painted by the late Filipino (?well, she lived all over the world) artist Pacita Abad - the circles and bright colours are her trademark. Her work is well collected in major art museums and was on a successful residency programme at the nearby STPI just before she passed away last year (cancer?). I met her only very very briefly at the STPI, but remember meeting someone who seemed to have a lot of life and a big spirit!

I admit it does take some getting used to. But once I suspend any assumptions about pretty colonial bridges or sombre/elegant bridges that are engineering miracles, I begin to like its childish, loud, almost annoyingly happy Ken-done-ish graffiti on our city. A pity it will painted over with boring grey after 5 years (I think LTA had agreed to only a 5 or 10 year "lease".)

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