Acrobats in the Shopping Mall

blue dancers, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Walking around Orchard Road last Sunday waiting for the wife, I wandered into a shopping mall into the middle of an acrobatics show. The dancers were suspended up in the airspace of the atrium, and I had a rare chance to catch some wonderful shots of them in mid-air by climbing up a few stories.

blue acrobat sequence

The show certainly wow-ed the kids who were sitting on the floor, necks craned upwards to stare at the gympasts.

acrobats 6

There were also more traditional (terrestrial) acrobatics on the stage below. Typically though, as all the former acrobats were female, all the performers here were male - traditional gender stereotypes, with the women all airy, weightless, floating grace, and the men doing sweaty earthbound handstands, vaults and somersaults.


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