face off, originally uploaded by Wahj.

On the left: the stray cat that lives downstairs
On the right: someone's pet cat that was roaming around (he had a collar, and I think he's one of the children of the stray we called Radar, but that's another story. Radar's not been seen since 2002)

They may look relaxed in the photo, but what happened was that these two met, hissed, snapped at each other, and finally settled down on the corridor in an impasse, neither giving way to each other. There was real tension in the air, but cats do this very well, lying down in deceptively sphinx-like calm while they keep a wary eye on the other one.

Watching the two of them, I had an internal Attenborough monologue running all the time - I could hear his wheezy, slightly breathless voice going "and so - as the sun sets over the Serengeti - we see - these two magnificent specimens - have settled down - to watch each other - warily". It's a sign of which generation I come from that it's Attenborough's, rather than Steve Irwin's voice that I hear.


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