Haunted eyes

haunted eyes, originally uploaded by Wahj.

I seem to be photographing into a lot of stray cats recently.

This little fella was wandering amongst the tables at a coffeeshop near the Ubi Driving Centre. He had such a haunted look in his(her?) eyes.

When I pointed the camera at him, he just froze - there was so much fear and anxiety in him. What you see is him frozen solid with fear, and he remained like that the whole time my camera was pointed at him.

I took several shots of him just standing there looking straight into the camera with that look that tells you everything about the kind of life he's had living on the streets. You can't see it (because I've desaturated the photo), but he has almost the exact colouring of Iffy - black with hints of brown under the fur, and a white flash on the muzzle.


Anonymous said…
That's so heartbreaking. ~ Ami

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