Maldives Part 4: The Tropical Island Resort Bit

We didn't go to the Maldives just for diving. There's also the whole "getting away for a week to a tropical island in the sun" thing (although we left what is technically also a tropical island in the sun), and I know most people are probably more interested in this part of the story than the diving.

So here:

On the Beach

The deckchair on the beach just outside our room. Says it all, doesn't it?

And, for extra geeky points, here:

- courtesy of the ever wonderful Google Earth, the exact location of that deckchair.


avalon said…
What's the temperature like? Is it hotter/cooler than Singapore or the same? *suaku*
wahj said…
A bit warmer than Singapore, if only because the island is quite exposed. I think our dive computers occasionally read 35 degrees celsius.
tscd said…
I don't know how to it still good if one can only snorkel?
wahj said…
tscd: it's still a wonderful resort even if you just snorkle and tan! =)

There's lots of wonderful fish life in the lagoon fringing the island (in the Google Earth photo, the lagoon is the greyish bit before the blue water). In fact, on our last day, the wife and I spent a good amount of time snorkling in the lagoon, and there was good stuff to see.

If I was just snorkling though, I wouldn't stay for a whole week like we did: there's only so much snorkling one can do. If you're thinking of going there, they have introductory dives that are very safe and fun - I met several people who were doing these dives, and they had no problems. One morning session in confined waters (the lagoon) and one afternoon session in open waters.

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