Street Stickers

Graffiti Stickers

Orchard road is full of these stickers now, on lamp-posts, traffic lights, utility boxes. They're like the ones I saw in Birmingham more than 10 years ago - some are posters and bills in miniature, some advertise events and venues, some obviously part of a viral marketing campaign. I remember thinking then that you don't see this sort of thing in Singapore. Well, now you do.

I came home every summer to see trends and fashions from the previous year in the UK appearing on our streets. We were moving one step behind, always following. I don't think much has changed.


ampulets said…
gahmen first said the Switzerland of the east, then london of the east...then almost to cover all bases, we became global city!
Tym said…
Have you seen the Merrine bus stop? One of the onedotzero projects...

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