Superman Returns

The wife and I got to watch Superman Returns tonight, courtesy of free tickets her mom won and passed to us. Apparently everyone at this screening had won free tickets courtesy of Calvin Klein, so we had to sit through every single Calvin Klein ad there was before the movie started - a small price to pay for a free movie!

I have to say it brought back good memories: the original Superman was perhaps the first movie I remember watching (the other one was The Deer Hunter - which I remember being particularly disturbed by, what with the Russian Roulette and all). I would have been 5.

It's not the same, of course - it's now "truth, justice and all those things" rather than the American way, and if this new Superman seems more ... hesitant, and less certain of his heroism than Christopher Reeves', it's because we live in an age that's less certain of heroism.

But it was wonderful to sit in that cinema and hear the triumphant soundtrack again, which surely must be one of the great movie anthems of our time. Come to think of it, both those first movies from my childhood had one thing in common - great music by someone called John Williams, though confusingly it was two different people with the same name.


tscd said…
So...was it good? Or should I go to the movie with no expectations?
wahj said…
It was good.

Given that it had to live in the shadow of the previous Superman films, and that Brendan Routh had to live in the shadow of Christopher Reeve, the movie managed to tread a fine line between carrying on the somewhat innocent sensibility of the original films and a more modern, balanced treatment.

Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor is excellent - but it also reminded me of how good Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor was in its own way.
damn i didn't get to see the CK ads! got freddie ljundberg (sp?) or not?
tscd said…
Kevin Spacey is a good actor. He can really make your skin crawl. Have you watched him in 'The Usual Suspects'? Wicked.
Ondine said…
When I heard the opening credits, I felt like I was a kid again too! It gave me the sense that everything had been frozen in time and nothing had changed. Totally cool. :)
fatgoblin said…
Saw the movie too! It was extremely enjoyable. So glad they didn't make a mess of it!

My favourite shot of the movie was the street level looking up at Superman zooming down the street. Whoosh! wow!

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