When I pulled out my GPS to mark the dive sites in the Maldives, the dive instructor (nice Swedish lady) took one look at it and mumbled "... toys ...".

But of course, I love my toys - and I can now indulge in toys for my inner geek:

solio and tread case

The latest: the Solio solar-powered charger for my iPod. There's not much else to say about it - it's solar-powered and it charges my iPod, which is two of my favourite things at one go. Once I get the right connector, it'll charge my handphone as well. Too bad it can't charge my iBook as well. Ironically, I have also found that despite the sunniness of Singapore, the fact that I work in a shaded air-conditioned building means that I have to look around for sunny patches to position the thing. It takes quite long to charge, and I suspect it charges slower than an iPod eats batteries - however, since my iPod survives for a few days on a full charge (my rate of use is quite low - just the evening commute really), the Solio should be more than adequate for daily use.

For double the karmic bonus, of course, I had to get the Tread case for the Solio, made from the finest Columbian extruded polyvinyl Columbian car tires. Sorry, ex-tires. Now re-purposed for environmentally friendly duties: all the geeky goodness with half the fat guilt.


Anonymous said…
woah, cool stuff dude. but seriously lor, this is an excellent geektool. no offense, mean it as a comp.
Anonymous said…
sorry didnt sign off. its FW! here
cour marly said…
Oh wow. This is perfect... a friend of mine has been looking for something like this for her trips to Africa. And I'm almost tempted to get one for myself!
wahj said…
cour marly: get one! Enjoy your iPod AND save the world = )

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