Sunday, February 19, 2006

An appointment to keep

I suffer from sleep apnea: sometimes when I fall asleep, I find myself hanging in a strange limbo state where my breathing stops, and I am conscious, but have no control over my limbs. If my eyes are open, I can see, and if I concentrate very hard, I can move a hand, or an arm - but it's almost as if there were a limited supply of volition in my body to go around, and only by pooling it in one part could I get anything to move. If I struggle, if I focus, I can break through this strange trance and start gasping for breath.

The first time it happened, when I was a teenager, I was frightened. That fear has never really gone away - the fear that I'll not start breathing again. When it gets very bad, I find I have to get out of bed and get fully awake before trying to sleep again. It's almost like hitting ctrl+alt+del to restart, or cmd+option+esc, to force quit a hanging application, except in this case the application is breathing.

Tonight is one of those bad nights, and so I'm up at the computer, getting myself awake before trying to sleep again. There's another reason I'm here though. In one of those transient moments drifting between sleep and wakefulness, I suddenly started thinking about my secondary school days. (apoxia must be triggering random neurons to fire)

I entered Raffles Insitution in 1986. I haven't thought about it much recently, but it was quite the life-changing experience. There's a lot I could say about my time there, but one thing came to mind tonight.

In 1986, in my first year at RI, my classmates and I made a pact - to meet again 20 years later to the day. The day was August 24th, and though 20 years seemed like an impossible time horizon when we named it, I realised tonight that it's this year. The place was to be the statue of Raffles on the Singapore River (good choice: in all the rebuilding and upgrading, they haven't touched that one). I can't remember the time now - it was either noon, or sunset (another prescient choice - lunchtime, or after working hours for the busy workaholics we were going to be in the future). Think I'll turn up at both times just to be sure. If any old classmates happen to be reading this ... well, put it down in your calendars. I have.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All Geeks Think Alike

So Ru and I were standing off to one side at morning assembly today, and she pointed to two large sprigs of broccoli a student had left on his/her bag, and wondered what it was for.

This was a question I could answer immediately, because I'd seen it done before. 15 years ago, when I was a student, one of my friends gave a girl a sprig of broccoli for Valentine's Day. A thousand flowers, see?

After all these years, geeks still think alike. It's good to know that nothing much has changed ...


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Desperation Photography

It's been a good kind of busy for me recently, what with a new workplace, and a new schedule, but a kind of busy that's made it very difficult to keep up with the photography. I got so frustrated that I brought the camera out the other night, and just shot whatever I could - in this case, random long exposures of streetlamps through a moving car window. It was a case of me just having to photography something, anything - just to remember what it was like to take photos!

desktop 1

Not the highest point in photography - but a few minutes of me waving around the camera like an orchestra conductor produced at least 3 shots of abstract patterns interesting enough for me to use as desktop images.

desktop 2

So, I'm offering them up to whoever might find these interesting enough to use. They're sized at 1024x768, which is my iBook screen resolution, but are sufficiently scaleable to be cropped for almost any resolution. I like the second one the best - dark and simple, uncluttered.

desktop 4

Things have settled down at work a bit, so hopefully more photography will follow - after I finish processing the photos from ampulet's wedding.