Friday, May 26, 2006

The calm after the storm

temple reflection, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Wesley has chastised me for not updating my blog, so (suitably chastised), here's a photo from yesterday's post-game jaunt around the Victoria Street area.

It stormed heavily while we were gaming, but I didn't really notice (except to turn the volume on my earphones higher so I could hear Packrat sneaking around to frag us) until I left the house and saw the puddles.

The SE K750i is wonderful in its portability, but I'm beginning to tire of its limitations. I'm coming to the conclusion that it can only really take lo-res shots that are amenable to being processed as Lomo-type shots, as I tried to do here, with the over-saturation of the reflection (I also de-saturated the top half of the image to heighten the contrast between the two).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monk in the City

Monk on the bridge of flowers

While it's not that rare to see buddhist monks around these parts, it is quite rare to see them with a fancy kungfu-movie style conical straw hat, and the contrast with the gaudy loud painting on the bridge was too much to resist. Sort of like some modern day Caine in "Kung Fu".

I literally jumped from my table where I was having lunch with a friend and chased after him for this shot.