$4500 to not be aggravated on the way to work

I was reminded today of how much I have grown to hate public transportation.

On the daily commute to work, the train was crowded as usual, so when a space opened up behind me, I sat down. This lady who was also gunning for the seat, but who, to be frank, simply moved slower than me, immediately when into a massive pout/fume/mumble mode. In fact, she sent out such obvious vibes of "I have been wronged"-ness that when a seat opened up, she ignored me when I tried subtly to indicate to her to take it, and she refused when another man, who had noted her unhappiness, very kindly asked her to take it. It wasn't until two stations later that her pride allowed her to take a seat, whereupon she continued to mumble and mutter against me.

I guess it didn't help that I found the whole situation rather amusing, and her rather laughable, and showed it, since that obviously incensed her more, but I simply could not understand how someone could take something like this so personally. Evidently, the whole world was against her this morning, wasn't it?

Sigh. Still, it got on my nerves, and put a dent in my Monday morning.

I did a little calculation.
Price of MRT trip: approx $2.00
Price of Taxi to work: approx $20.00
Number of days of commuting to work per year: approx 250
Average frequency at which one bumps into people on public transportation who aggravate you: Once a year

How much it would cost to avoid people like that by taking a taxi to work everyday: $4500 per year. (For the commute to the office only)


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