Update on the painting: completed two walker models so far. Took some nice high-key shots against a white background, and put them on the gallery.

I decided to paint them Panzer grey, since the last time I tried to paint camo patterns I screwed it up completely. Some light weathering and highlighting, a bit of GW style basing, and they are good to go. I numbered them 912 and 913, which would make them the second and third vehicles of the first platoon in the ninth company of a regiment, a position that in real life (i.e. real WW2 rather than the alternate reality of Gear Krieg) might have been occupied by heavy tank companies or tank destroyer units attached to the normal orbat of a regiment (two tank battalions of four companies each). In the alternate reality setting of Gear Krieg, it's possible that the PanzerKampfer combat walkers would be in that position.

Oh alright, I didn't have enough numbers to spell out 1012 and 1013, which would have been better, since the combat walkers wouldn't have replaced any tank destroyer or heavy tank units, but have been above and beyond that. And I didn't have anything other than balkan crosses, so each vehicle only got one on the opposite leg from the unit numbering. So there.

Oh, and Iffy is responsible for the title of this post. She jumped on the keyboard as I was typing - after dumping her unceremoniously off my keyboard, I decided to leave her contribution intact.


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