Back from the Army

After a long hiatus away from blogging, here's an update.

I've spent the last two weeks back in the army, for my yearly reservists training. I've been called back every year without fail since I've finished national service, with the exception of last year (although, due to the fact that the army counts a year as beginning in April, the in-camp training I just went for counts as last year's, which maintains my record. The army really loves me), but this year's in-camp training was tougher by far than the others (with the possible exception of our little jaunt down under, but I was 5 years younger then). I can't, and won't go into the details, but I will say that the one good thing that came out this in-camp was that it reminded me why I bother to do this - the men in my company. They're the reason why I go back every year and do my time, instead of finding a medical excuse like some people have. It's tough being a company commander, but the men of Charlie company make it worthwhile. Someone told me before the end that they liked Charlie company because it was the fun company to be in (bear in mind this is relative to the others - I doubt anyone really has absolute fun being away from work, career, and family for two weeks), and I was quite touched by that. This in-camp, I even had people asking to transfer in to the company, which is something new to me.

Anyway, it's good to be back home at last. Words cannot express the joy of your own bed, and the aura of comfort that home radiates. I'm gonna crawl back into my den and curl up for a good, long rest now ...


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