Carrying on

In between recovering from the latent flu/cough I got from getting drenched during the in-camp (the rain, it raineth everyday ... I've never seen it just pour down like that) it's taken me till today to clear all the work that's piled up on my desk in the weeks I've been away.

Most of this was just email. All in all, there was a surprising amount of respect for the "Out of Office" message - only one person emailed me, without cc-ing an adjacent level of command, and without re-sending to another officer, after reading the out of office notification. Enormous potential for a fuck-up there, but thankfully it was something with a reasonably distant time horizon, so I can still pick up the ball and play on.

The rest of the work's been catching up with colleagues, attending various ad-hoc meetings to get myself back up to speed on work here, and trying to print out and file everything that's come through my desk that needs documentation. That said, I did manage to sneak off with a friend at lunch time yesterday to buy myself the new army gore-tex jacket. Yes, that's right - I'll never be wet again, never! Well, at least not as wet as I was that day. That's 152 dollars of high-tech dryness I've just invested in ... I almost feel like wearing the thing now just to get some sense of a return on investment.

And wouldn't you know it, as I look out the window, the weather looks fine. = )


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