Bird tracks

bird tracks
I came across these bird tracks set in concrete the other day. I wonder how the bird fared. Did he hobble around with concrete bits stuck to his legs for a few days? Did he wonder why his balance and flying trim were suddenly all wonky? Is he still around somewhere, flying with a wobble while his friends make fun of him?- "Look, there goes Old Concrete Overshoes again".

Or perhaps archaelogists of the future will ooh and ahh over these tracks, like paleontologists today, arguing amongst themselves whether acridotheres tristis made these tracks, or maybe corvus macrorhynchos, or corvus splendens.
"Well, hmmm, yes, you see the distinctive ridged smoothing marks indicate a pre-1990 timeframe for the concrete, prior to the adoption of advanced concrete smoothing techniques by contractors, and, as you know from my monograph on the topic, corvus macrorhynchos was the dominant species prior to 1990 ..."


Packrat said…
Concrete overshoes...I laughed some water up my nose.

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