Crazy lifts

The lifts in my apartment block have a history of going bonkers. I've stepped into them to hear the pre-recorded voice (which normally reads out the destination floor in a sedate voice) reading through the floors from basement 8 to the thirtieth floor ... while the lift is stationary ... and in a building which only has floors 1 to 17.

Coming back home tonight, the lift was making noises that sounded like a cross between a chipmunk and a modem ringtone. Sounded like, say, a chipmunk being faxed, if one could fax chipmunks. It freaked me out so much I stepped in, hit the button for a different floor, and stepped out to send the lift on its way so I could wait for a different one.

A bit later in bed, K lamented that it was so hard to get good photos of our cats, so I tried to catch Twinkle in a good light. Which was difficult, since there wasn't good light. After taking this photo of Twinkle, I've decided to declare the rest of this weekend a 50mm, f1.8, manual focus only weekend - I've been getting flabby with the autofocus, and especially the zoom lenses, so it's time get re-acquainted with my favourite focal length again. f1..8 will get me a fast shutter, and the shallow depth of field will force me to really concentrate on what I want to be in focus. The camera, left to its own devices, tries to get as much in focus as possible, but the eye doesn't see everything sharply anyway: peripheral vision is at a much lower resolution than the central, sharp-focus area of vision, and the its the brain that interprets sharpness and clarity in. Anyway, with any luck, I'll get off my lazy butt and shoot some photos this weekend.


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